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Created by JD Byrne


Manufacturing location
LightSpace Studios Co-Work
30 Light Street
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
Manufacturing process
Handmade by JD Byrne on a Janome My Excel 18w at above location
All fabric sourced from outdated fabric swatches from discontinued Woven Image fabric catalogues
Machine embroidered from digital file by
ABC Embroidery
Lower Ground, 435 Montague Road
West End QLD 4101
QR code tag
Lazer printed on paper stock by
MBE West End
Shop 3/156 Boundary Street
West End QLD 4101
Additional info
These tote bags were created using zero-waste patterning techniques. Meaning that the entire swatch was used in the making of these bags. The only waste created was from user error, unusable sections covered in fabric cement from fabric info tags, and in thread use.


I started by taking dimensions of this tote bag (what we were replacing) to ensure my patchwork tote bags were a similar size. I then sorted the swatches and created digital versions of the different sizes to use in pattern creation.
Product to replace
Ideating with pens and in adobe illustrator on how the fabric swatches could be split up to create the needed panel goals without any left over scraps.
Once an above concept was found, I'd create a prototype to explore the idea. Then, either refine that concept and make another prototype or move back to step 02 and come up with something new!



JD Byrne - contact@jdbyrne.com.au
I'd love to be in touch and hear any critiques, advice, or compliments you may have on the project! :) I hope you have a wonderful day!
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